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Delavan Lake Fishing Report 7/29/19 – 8/5/19

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Panfish has been fantastic. Limits of fish can be caught in the deep water, 23-24 ft depth works good. Watch your sonar and you will be able to see the schools. The best baits are red worms and green hellgrammites. The best fishing has been to the east of the Yacht Club or by the […]

Delavan Lake Fishing Report 7/30/18 – 8/5/18

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Walleye pike fishing has been all right in the 13-15 ft depth range right on the weed line. The best location has been west of Willow Point. The legal fish I’ve been catching have been on split shot rigged nightcrawlers within the weeds. First light and last light have been the most active periods.

Lake Geneva Fishing Report 7/29/18-8/5/18

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Fishing on Lake Geneva continues to be a challenge. The pan fish bite is really good but the game fish are scattered making it difficult to pattern them. The best fishing on the lake remains the walleye at night, you may not catch legal ones but the numbers are there.

Lake Geneva Fishing Report 7/23/18- 7/29/18

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Northern pike fishing has been good in the 30 ft depth range. The best locations are the channel in Fontana or just west of Cedar Point. The best approach is lindy rigged medium suckers or chubs if you can find them.

Delavan Lake fishing report 7/23/18 – 7/29/18

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Largemouth bass fishing has been phenomenal. Both the size and quantity of fish has been great. The best depth is 15-17 ft of water. The fish I’ve been targeting are not in historically good spots, they are scattered on heavy weed lines. I’ve not found the fish in big schools like years past but by […]

Lake Geneva Fishing Report 7/16/18-7/23/18

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Bluegill fishing has been very good in a depth of 18 ft of water. Look for the fish in Covenant Harbor or Elgin Club. The fish can be caught on leaf worms fished on a split shot directly beneath the boat about 6 inches off bottom. The schools can be seen on your graph, I […]

Delavan Lake Fishing Report 7/16/18 through 7/23/18

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Bluegill fishing has been a little slow for me. One day I’ll find them in 13-14 ft of water and the next day they’re gone. Most of the success has come off of a single hook split shot rig fished straight beneath the boat, tipped with a leaf worm. The best success I’ve had has […]

Lake Geneva Fishing Report 7/9/18-7/16/18

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

For me this year, Lake Geneva has been slightly off from normal years. I haven’t found the big concentration of schooling fish very often. There are plenty of fish to be caught, but its not as rapid fire as we’ve experienced in the past.

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