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Fish Lake Geneva, 8/8/22 – 8/15/22

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Bluegill fishing has been very good in 18-20 ft of water.  The best location has been by Elgin Club or in Geneva Bay.  You want to use leaf worms fished on a split shot right on bottom.

Delavan Lake, 5/4/20-5/11/20

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Walleye fishing has been good at night.  Some nice fish were being caught on slip bobbers in 8-9 ft. of water.  The best bait for this week are large fat head minnows.  Casting crankbaits has also been producing a lot of fish.Check locations such as Willow Point, the Yacht Club point and Browns Channel.

Delavan Lake Fishing Report 6/09/19 – 6/16/2019

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Walleye action has been a good.  The fish have been eating medium crank baits or extra large fat head minnows fished on a lindy rig.  The best location has been by Belvidere Park or by Assembly park point.  Most of the fish are undersized, you need to fish long and hard to fish a few […]

Delavan Lake Fishing Report, 5/4/19 – 5/12/19

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Crappie fishing has been good in the mid-range weeds.  You want to fish them in 6-10 ft of water.  The best location is by Browns Channel.  You want to look for scattered weeds.  With the water clarity, you need to make long casts so you don’t spook the fish.  Small fathead minnows on bobbers have […]

Delavan Lake Fishing Report 9/23/18-9/30/18

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Fall has officially arrived on both the calendar and the temps. After about 10 days of high temps and high pressure, we’ve seen a significant drop and for the past few days high temps have struggled to get into the lower 70’s. Largemouth bass are biting again with the weather change.

Delavan Lake Fishing Report 8/6/18-8/13/18

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Bluegill fishing, like the bass, have been feast or famine. Some days they are in the 13-15 ft depth range and the next day they’ve vanished. The best locations have been in front of Lake Lawn Lodge, Township Park and Assembly Park. The fish can be caught on split shot rigged trout worms or red […]

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