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Lake Geneva Fishing Report 7/9/18-7/16/18

For me this year, Lake Geneva has been slightly off from normal years. I haven’t found the big concentration of schooling fish very often. There are plenty of fish to be caught, but its not as rapid fire as we’ve experienced in the past.

Largemouth bass are on the outside edge of the weed lines in 14-15 ft of water. The best locations have been in Trinkes or Williams Bay. The best approach is drop shotting 4 inch Chompers Finesse worms. The dropper length I use is about 1 foot. There are some fish also being caught on chrome/blue or chrome/black surface lures fished in the weed flats by Linn Pier and the beach in Fontana.

Bluegill fishing has started to move to the deeper part of the weed line. The best bite is in 15-17 ft of water. I’ve been having the most success by Elgin Club and Knollwood, with the best action coming off of leaf worms fished straight beneath the boat.

Lake trout have started to turn on with the warmer weather. They are in the main lake basin 70-80 ft down in 108-120 ft of water. First light is the best time of day for them. The bait of choice is Dodgers and Flies or Chrome & Blue spoons. I put the baits 25 ft behind the down riggers.

Northern pike have started to stage on the thermocline in 30 ft of water. They can be caught on medium suckers or chubs when you can find them. The best depth has been 29-30 ft of water. Look for them by Black Point or the West side of Williams Bay.

Walleye action has been good at night, especially when there is some wind. You want to fish for them by Abbey Springs or by Knollwood. You want to troll Rapala’s or Smithwick Perfect 10’s in 15-16 ft of water.

Smallmouth bass have been very elusive to me. The fish I’ve heard about being caught are in the 21-25 ft depth range. The best location has been by Cedar Point or Black Point. The best approach is Carolina rigging grubs in green pumpkin or watermelon seed. I prefer a leader length of 24 inches using a ½ oz weight.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water. For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 262-728-8063

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