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Fish Delavan Lake, 7/8/24 – 7/15/24

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

The fish are located in 13-15 feet of water.  I have almost exclusively been using slip bobber and single hooks and split shots.  The best spots I have fished are in front of the Township Park, the Island area on the west end or by the area west of Willow Point, known as the Boy […]

Fish Delavan Lake, 6/17/24 – 6/24/24

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

The best location has been the North Shore from the Yacht Club down to Willow Point. The few weedline fish I’ve been catching have been over 5 lbs. I’ve been catching them by the Yacht Club or over by Browns Channel. In the next week or so, the bass will be schooled up and be […]