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Lake Delavan Fishing Report, 9/30/19 – 10/7/19

            This past week we again has up and down weather patterns to contend with.

The early part of the week had temps in the mid 80’s and by the end we were in the 60’s.  The most difficult fishing came with the strong winds that prevailed from the west almost all week.  This wind made fishing nearly impossible several of the days.

Walleye fishing has been improving by the day.  A lot of fish are now being caught during the day as well as at night.  I’m still primarily using night crawlers, but have started to convert to the fat head minnow.  The fish can now be caught anywhere from 15 – 20 ft. of water depending on the day.  I have been fishing the south shore most of the time.  One of the best things about fall fishing is that the fish are starting to put on the feedbag in preparation for the long winter.  I am catching several legal fish per trip on most occasions.  The largest fish for me this year has been 22 inches.  Keep in mind that the best bite should occur around the full moon in October.  (Around the 20th)

Small mouth bass are starting to show up shallow again.  The water is cooling and they are now again associating with the rock and gravel bottom areas, such as Browns Channel, Willow Point and the Yacht Club point.  All of the fish I caught last week were caught on night crawlers fished in 14-15 ft. of water.

Northern Pike fishing was better this week.  It seems as if they are becoming more active.  The northerns, like the walleyes, are starting to bite a lot before the winter.  This week I was using 8 inch suckers.  I will slowly be increasing the size as the water cools and the lake turns over.  My largest fish on Delavan was caught last year in the 3rd week of October and the fish was just over 44 inches.  The presentation I use is a dead stick over the side of the boat.  I use a Garcia clicker reel to indicate a bite.   The best depth has been 15-16 ft. of water.

Crappie fishing is still very productive.  They are again in the weeds in 8-14 ft. of water.  Most of the limits are being taken at night, which makes it tough in the cool weather.  Some good locations are the Village Supper Club and in front of Assembly Park.  The best success is produced on small fat head minnows fished beneath a slip bobber.  Keep moving to find the active fish.

Good Luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 262-728-8063.


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