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Delavan Lake Fishing Report, 9/16/19 – 9/23/19

                We had 6 to 8 inches of rain last week, As of Tuesday sept. 17th the Slow No Wake has been lifted.

For live bait fishermen, it’s time to look to fat head minnows as the bait of choice over nightcrawlers.  Last week, I caught all species in the lake on fat head minnows from crappies to northern pike.  The fish have scattered from their tight summer schools and are now throughout the weedline and main lake points continue to produce most of the action.

Largemouth bass are in the 15 ft depth range, in the weedline just off the main lake points.  You can catch them on black and blue jigs or split shot rigged fat head minnows.  The best location has been just west of Willow Point, west of the Yacht Club or by Assembly park.

Bluegill action has been spotty.  Most of the fish are in the deep main lake basin in 35-40 ft of water.  I find them hard to catch when they are in that depth range.  The best approach is straight lining leaf worms underneath the boat.    As the water continues to cool, the deep water bite gets better.  I have no idea why they suspend in the main lake basin, but it is a seasonal pattern for them.  Look for the fish off the island and in front of the Yacht Club.

Northern Pike are becoming more active as the water cools.  The best depth range is 12-15 ft in the weedline.  They are biting on chrome and blue Rattle Traps and white spinner baits.  What I’ve been doing is just slowly trolling down the weedlines in 20 ft of water, casting towards shore.  The best location has been from the Yacht Club to Willow Point.

Walleye action has been rather slow.  I tried last Saturday without success.  I had leeches, fat head minnows and nightcrawlers and never got a hit.  This is the right time of year to start trying for them.  Rapala Husky jerks and Smithwick Rogues should work well, the best color is chrome and blue and chrome and black.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050

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