Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Delavan Lake Fishing Report 8/13/18 through 8/19/18

Delavan Lake remains consistently good. Some days are a touch slower but overall the bite is strong. The bass are still schooled up and the bluegills are hungry.

Largemouth bass are in 15-17 ft of water. You want to fish just west of Browns Channel or just west of Willow Point or the Yacht Club. They can be caught on drop shot rigged 4 inch finesse worms or nightcrawlers fished on a split shot rig. In early morning hours, the top water bite has also been very good. You want to fish a depth of 8-10 ft of water over the weeds. Good locations have been by Assembly Park or in the Highlands Bay.

Bluegill fishing has been fantastic. The fish are shallower than they have historically been. Look for them in 11-13 ft of water within the weeds. The best location has been by Browns Channel or in the Highlands Bay. Try using a small split shot and a leaf worm. For the best success you need to have the bait moving not leaving it stationary. There have been some bluegills suspending over the main lake basin about 14-16 ft down. It’s been sporadic at this point so some days they are there and then the next their gone.

Northern Pike fishing has been average. There are fish to be found but the bite has been a bit slow. Fish for them in 15-17 ft of water off the deep weed line. Use a medium sucker on a lindy rig about 1 foot off bottom. The best success has been by the gray condos or just west of Willow Point.

Walleye action has slowed tremendously. The only walleyes I’ve been catching are on lindy rigged leeches in 14-15 ft of water at first light or at dusk. The numbers aren’t strong, so you need to be patient. As fall comes in, the bite should improve significantly.

Smallmouth bass action has been improving. The bass are in some of the same schools with the largemouth. They are on the deep weedlines in 17-19 ft of water. The best locations have been just west of Willow Point or the south shore by DelMar subdivision.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water. For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 262-728-8063

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