Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Lake Geneva, 9/28/20 – 10/05/20


Fishing season is coming to a rapid close, hurry there’s not much time until the water gets very hard! 


The most consistent bite on the lake are the perch.  They can be found anywhere between 8 and 16 ft of water.  You want to look for the fish outside the heavy weeds in the light scattered weeds.  The best approach has been small fat head minnows fished on slip bobbers.  I’ve been anchoring while fishing for them.  There is a lot of small fish, so to get a limit you need to sort quite a bit.  

Northern Pike fishing has been good in the shallow water.  The best depth has been 10-12 ft.  The best approach has been anchor fishing them and fishing slip bobbers.  The best bait is medium or large golden shiners.  The general size of the fish are smaller than the fish found on the thermocline.  Look for the fish in Fontana Beach, Rainbow Point and in Geneva Bay.  

Largemouth bass are in the shallow waters in the 8-10 ft range in the heavy weeds.  I’m getting the fish by drop shotting small finesse worms or sassy shads.  Green Pumpkin or White pearl have been producing most of the action.  You can catch an occasional fish if the wind cooperates on top water lures.  Use either Zara Spooks or Chug bugs.  

Bluegills are biting on red worms or leaf worms.  The best depth is 20-27 ft. look for the fish by Elgin Club or by Knollwood.  Some of the bluegills are in excess of 10 inches.  


          Smallmouth bass have been caught in 22-24 ft of water.  The best bait is lindy rigged nightcrawlers.  The leader length should be 18-24 inches fished behind an 1/8 oz or ¼ oz walking sinker depending on the wind.  The numbers aren’t all that good however if you put the time in you should catch a few.  Look for the fish by Fontana Beach or by Elgin Club.


Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050

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