Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Delavan Lake, 9/28/20 – 10/5/20


Overall fishing is slow.  It’s the in-between time when the lake turns over and the fall bite is almost here. 


Last week was a struggle to catch any kind of decent fish.  We need some stable weather without so many fronts so the fish can get into their patterns better.

Northern Pike have been sporadic.  Some good catches of fish have come in the shallows in 10-12 ft.  Either on bobbered suckers or casting large white spinner baits or perch colored jerk baits.  The fish I caught last week were all large- over 32 inches.  With stable weather we should have some awesome pike fishing within the next week or so.  The best location is by the Belvidere condos or by Willow Point.  I’ve been lindy rigging off the weed line in 18-25 ft.  The fishing however has been quite slow.


Bluegills with the cooler temperatures are again shallow.  The best depth is 10 ft.  The best approach is slip bobbers with small red worms or wax worms and ice jigs.  Look for the fish by Delavan Lake Marina or by the gray condos.


Largemouth bass have been slow.  They can be caught most often in the weeds.  Look for them under the boat docks or in the 8-10 ft weed flats.  They are starting to switch from nightcrawlers to small fat head minnows or suckers.  I’ve been casting them in the shallow weeds with very light weight.  The larger fish I caught last week were off the weed lines in 16-18 ft.  I have been lindy rigging them beneath the boat.  Look for the fish by the Village Supper Club or by the Delavan Lake Marina.


Walleye fishing remains very slow.  Most of the fish are being caught on small suckers or fat head minnows.  The best depth is about 14-16 ft of water.  The key seems to be using painted hooks, either chartreuse or orange.  Most of the success has come from lindy rigging, however a large split shot rig also produces fish.  In the next few weeks, the fish should start suspending and will readily hit jerk baits but for now they are elusive.


Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050


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