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Lake Geneva Fishing Report 6/24/19 – 7/1/19

Fishing remains very good.  Most of the game fish are very active with the warmer water temp.  The water temps haven’t risen enough to make the fish go deep.  Most of the fish can be found in 15 ft of water or less.  Right now all the fish have completed spawning and are aggressively feeding.

Largemouth bass can be caught using two different methods.  One is top water and the other is drop shotting.  Top water fishing has been good by Trinkes, Williams Bay and by Knollwood.  The best presentation is chrome/blue and chrome/black Chug Bugs.  I work a depth of 10 ft or less.  Don’t be afraid to try deeper water.  The fish will come out of the 10 ft of water to hit a top water lure.  As you may notice, the best locations are weed flats.  The other option is drop shotting 4 inch green pumpkin worms.  The best depth is 12-15 ft of water.  You want to look for scattered weeds.  The best location has been by Belvidere Park or by Trinkes.  Some of the biggest fish of the year were caught last week.

Rock bass continue to be everywhere.  The best presentation is a split shot rigged nightcrawler.  Look for the fish by Belvidere Park or by Colemans Point.  I’ve been catching most of my fish in 10-12 ft of water.

Smallmouth bass have been sporadic.  With the spawn completed, they are chasing their dinner.  If you find a school of bait fish, you will find the smallmouth bass right behind them.  I’ve been either drop shotting 4 inch green pumpkin worms or slowly reeling in a jig and a grub tail.  The best depth has been 12-15 ft of water.  Look for the fish by Maytag Point or by Bigfoot Beach.

Yellow Perch are still in the shallows in 10-12 ft of water.  The average size for me has increased.  You basically have to catch 7 to keep 1 which is a much better average than in recent weeks.  The highest concentration of big fish has been by Linn Pier.  I’ve caught most of my fish on split shot rigged nightcrawlers.

With the warmer weather, the walleyes are starting to become active at night.  You want to either troll medium diving crankbaits, such as the Walleye Bandit or Rapala, in 12-15 ft of water or fish lindy rigs with leeches on the weedline.  For the crankbaits you want to troll them at 1.5 mph.  The best location has been in Geneva Bay or in Trinkes Bay.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050

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