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Delavan Lake Fishing Report 6/24/19 – 7/119


                Fishing remains fantastic on Delavan Lake!

The really good news has been that the boat traffic has been very light.   The fish are on the weedline but have yet to really school very hard.

Largemouth bass remain either in the shallows in 5-6 ft of water or on the deep weedline in 15-18 ft of water.  Last week, the bigger fish seemed to have come off the weedline but the larger numbers were shallow.  The best presentation for the shallow fish was a nightcrawler fished on a split shot rig or a Wacky rigged All Terrain Stik.  The best color was green pumpkin.  The best location was by the Village Supper Club or by Browns Channel.  If the weather remains warm, most of the largemouth bass will pull off of the shore structure and school on the deep weeds associated with rock in 15-19 ft of water.

Walleyes have been biting on the weedline in 16-18 ft of water.  They are being caught on a lindy rigged leech or a lead head jig fished with a nightcrawler.  The best location has been by the Yacht Club or by Willow Point.  You need to keep moving to find the active fish, they are not schooled up very hard right now.

Bluegills are in the 12-16 ft depth range.  It has been a weird week.  When you find the big ones, they are schooled up by size.  If you catch some really nice one, stick with it a lot longer.  My Monday guide party, I had a hard time finding the big fish.  It was hit or miss on the big fish, but we caught plenty of smaller ones.  Every spot I tried had bluegills it’s just a matter of the size you want to keep.  The best presentation has been a split shot rigged leaf worm fished straight beneath the boat or casted a short distance away.

Northern Pike fishing has been very good.  They are on the deep weedline.  The best presentation is a lindy rigged sucker or a sucker fished on a slip bobber.  Work a depth of 18-20 ft.  The biggest problem this year seems that the fish are very finicky.   They want at least a 6 inch sucker.  The size of the pike doesn’t matter, the smaller ones have been biting the larger bait  just like the bigger pike.  I have dragged around 4 inch suckers and not had a bite, but once I put a 6 inch sucker on it was bit immediately.  The best location has been by Willow Point, the island and Browns Channel.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050

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