Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Fish, Delavan Lake, 7/1921 – 7/26/21


            Fishing overall on Delavan remains very consistent.  There are many anglers trying to test their talents on the wary fish.

Yellow Perch have been biting in front of Township Park in 12-14 ft of water. Locate yourself in front of the beach area for the best success.  The best presentation has been using Thill slip bobbers tipped with a leaf worm or a hellgrammite.  Most of the fish have been positioned a foot off bottom.  The other method for using the leaf worms is fishing a split shot rig straight beneath the boat.

Northern Pike fishing has been up and down.  Earlier in the week you could catch as many pike as you had suckers.  It did slow as the week went on however.  The best success has come off of medium suckers fished on a lindy rig.  The tight schools have dispersed so it’s been kind of hit or miss as you troll down the weedline.  The best location has been west of Willow Point in 20 ft of water.

Largemouth bass remain on the deep weedline.  They can be caught on nightcrawlers fished on a split shot rig or drop shotting 4 inch finesse worms.  They haven’t been schooled as heavy as they were in past years.  The key is to keep your boat moving to find the active fish.  In years past you could sit on a school for 4 hours and catch them non-stop but that isn’t the case this year yet.  The best location is by the Island or by the Village Supper Club.

Bluegills remain on the weedline in 15-20 ft of water.  They can be caught on Thill slip bobbers with leaf worms or small panfish leeches.  You need to keep moving to find the larger fish.  My best success has been by Willow Point or by the Oriental boathouse or by the Assembly Park weedline.  Bluegill fishing has not been as good as last week, however if you keep moving you should catch a nice limit.

Walleyes have remained consistent.  The best action has been coming after dark.  However, I’ve been catching fish during the daylight too.  I’ve been averaging a legal fish every other trip.  My best success has come off of leeches or nightcrawlers.  I’ve been using lindy rigs with an 1/8 oz sinker or a split shot rigged nightcrawler.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050

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