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Fish, Delavan Lake, 10/11/21 – 10/18/21


            Delavan continues to be in a transition period between summer and fall.  Due to that fact, some days the fishing is really good and others it is quite slow.

Earlier in the week, walleye fishing was good on lindy rigged nightcrawlers in 20-21 ft of water.  However, by the weekend,  that bite was slow.  The average catch has been about 10-12 fish an outing, with one or two being legal.  The crank bait fishing is starting to heat up.  I’ve been casting Wally divers along the weedlines in 16-20 ft of water.  Chrome/Blue or Chrome/Black have been the best colors.

Northern pike fishing has been kind of sporadic.  Most of the bigger fish are being caught suspended in 20-27 ft of water approximately 2 ft off bottom.  Most of the success is still coming off of lindy rigged suckers.  Some of the fish that have been caught are starting the fall feed bag and are very chunky.  Look for the fish by the Village Supper Club, Willow Point or the south shore by Browns Channel.

The Crappies are starting to suspend over the deep water.  When you can find an active school you can fill up a bucket in a matter of a few minutes.  Most of the success I’ve been having is coming off of small plastics or a small fathead minnow. I slowly troll around looking at my locator until I find the active schools.  The main lake points are the best places to start.

Bluegills have again moved shallow.  Most of the success is coming near the Island on the west end.  Most of the fish are coming on red worms or leaf worms.  Work a depth of 14-16 ft of water.  Anchored slip bobber fishermen are having most of the success.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.   For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050

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