Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Fish Lake Geneva, 10/18/21 – 10/25/21

Hurry, the fall colors are outstanding, which makes the fishing experience all that much more special.


Large mouth bass fishing has been up and down, some days there are good catches and the next it’s a struggle.  I have been fishing a lot of shallow weeds with a close proximity to hard (sand) bottom.  The fish I have been catching all are quality fish with several 3-4 pounders.  I still have been using the night crawler single split-shot rig.  The depth of water I have been working is 6-12 feet.  The best locations have been by Knollwood, Geneva Bay and Fontana Beach.


The majority of the quality smallmouth bass are still in 20-23 feet of water and can be caught using lindy-rigs. (1/8 oz weight and single hook with minnows)  The small mouth fishing will continue to get better as the water cools.  They will be able to be caught in shallow rock points in a couple of weeks, if the water continues to cool as it has been.  Once the fish move shallow, I like the Kalin’s grubs or Arkie Crawlin’ grubs.  Root beer or pumpkin are the best colors.    Smallies are being caught near Coleman’s Point, Black Point and Rainbow Point.


Bluegills and Pumpkin’ seeds are being caught throughout the lake in the same locations as the largemouth bass.  I have been using the night crawler/split-shot rig for them also.  I have been catching a lot of quality fish, very few small ones.  Crappie fishing is sporadic.  I have received some good reports of quality fish off the Fontana Beach.  They are being taken in 12-15 feet of water on slip-bobbers and small minnows.  Tube jigs 1/64 or 1/32 shouldn’t be overlooked and are also a deadly method on most occasions.  Try smoke or red/white.


You can’t go anywhere on the lake right now without catching perch.  The hard problem is to find the quality perch.  I like the Belvidere Park flat or Knollwood.  Try slip-bobbers with small minnows.


Northern Pike fishing has been fantastic.  Numbers of legal fish are being taken.  Chubs on slip-bobbers have been producing fish.  The quality fish are being caught in 20-24 feet of water in the deep weeds.  With the cooling water, the fish will be moving shallow, making the catch even easier.  Look for the better fish in the Fontana Beach area. It is the classic fall spot on Lake Geneva.  Trolling can also be an effective approach.  I like the large husky jerks, blue/silver or the Berkeley Frenzy stick bait.  Enjoy the fall colors, winter is near.


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