Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Delavan Lake, 10/12/20



Fishing has been very tough over the last week or so.  The water is really dirty and I think the warm weather has confused the fish and they aren’t sure whether they should be in their fall or summer patterns.

Walleye pike can be caught trolling deep diving crank baits or jigging in 35 ft of water.  You want to be just outside the main lake points when trolling.  I troll between 16 and 22 ft of water.  The early morning hours are the best.  You want a fire tiger or pearl colored crank bait which resembles the crappie.  Look for the fish by Browns Channel or by the island.  You want to get to the lake about an hour before sunrise.

Northern pike have been spotty.  The pike I’ve caught were in 10-12 ft of water on the weedline.  They can be caught on medium suckers fished on a slip bobber.  The best location has been by the Oriental boathouse or by the Yacht Club.  I haven’t been fishing suckers on lindy rigs so that might be a possibility.  Keep the boat on the outside of the weed edge in 17 ft of water and back troll into the wind.

Bluegills remain suspended in the main lake basin.  They are 20 ft down in 35 to 40 ft of water.  A good fish locator is essential to find the active fish.  The best presentation is an ice jig or a single hook with a heavy split shot.  You want to fish straight lined right beneath the boat.  Look for the fish by the Village or off of Willow Point.

Perch are being caught in 12-15 ft of water.  The best bait is large leaf worms or small fat head minnows.  Look for the fish by the outlet channel or down by the old Boy Scout camp.  Fish the worms on a slip bobber rig for the best success.

Largemouth bass are in 4-5 ft of water around the boat docks.  I’ve been concentrating on south shore piers.  They can be caught on Senkos.  Green pumpkin or watermelon seed are the best colors.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050


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