Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Lake Geneva, 5/17/21 – 5/24/21



With the up and down temperatures the lake remains pretty cold which is causing some inconsistent fishing.


The best bite on the lake is perch and largemouth bass.  Stable weather is predicted and that will help turn on the smallmouth bass and bluegills.

Largemouth bass have been biting in the shallows in 3-4 ft of water.  The best location has been Trinkes or Abbey Harbor.  They can be caught on a split shot rigged nightcrawler or a green pumpkin Senko.  With the chilly weather over the weekend, you need to fish really slow to get the bite.

Yellow perch were biting in 6-10 ft of water.  Small minnows fished beneath a slip bobber were the best approach.  The best location was Belvidere Park or Rainbow Point.  Overall the fish have been on the small size at 6-7 inches.  You needed to catch a bunch to sort through to find decent keepers.

Smallmouth bass have been spotty.  Most of the fish are caught in 15-20 ft of water suspended about 5-10 ft of water.  The fish are near their spawing flats.  Look for the fish by the Elgin Club, the Military Academy or Crawfords Bar.  The best approach is a white hair jig swam just underneath the surface of the water.  The fish are chasing the pods of minnows so once you find the minnows the bass are sure to follow.

Bluegill action has been slow.  They are being caught in the shallows on leaf worms.  The best location has been the Abbey Harbor and Trinkes or down in Geneva Bay by the Riviera.  Look for the fish in 3-4 ft of water.

Some northern pike are being caught in the weeds in 6-10 ft of water.  The fish are being caught on slip bobber rigged suckers.  The best location has been in Williams Bay or the beach in Fontana.  I’ve been putting out quite a few rods to try and catch them.  The best presentation is to anchor your boat and fan cast the area.

Rock bass are starting to return.   Soon they will be everywhere.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050

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