Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Fish Lake Geneva, 9/5/23 – 9/12/23

Some of the best fishing of the year is fast approaching. Now that the Labor Day holiday has come and gone, the boat traffic is getting lighter by the minute and the best fishing is yet to come. Perch fishing has been the most consistent bite. The perch are on hard sand bottoms with scattered weeds in 10-12 ft of water. The best bait is either small fat head minnows or nightcrawler pieces. I prefer using slip bobbers with a small hook.

The best location has been by Rainbow Point and Belvidere Park. Some of the perch are in excess of 11 inches. This bite should continue as the water cools. I prefer anchoring just so the slip bobber can be positioned better.
Smallmouth bass have finally gone to the deep weed points and are again moving shallow. With the cooling water, by the end of September, they will again be in the 10-12 ft depth range. Right now, on the deep weed points, I’m finding them between 21 and 25 ft of
water. I’m either drop shotting small plastic worms or using small yellow perch fished on a lindy rig. Walleye are still being caught at night. The best depth is 12-15 ft. Use large crank baits just above the weed line. The fish are suspended 6-7 ft down. The best location is by Abbey
Springs or by Fontana Beach. Bluegills are still being caught in the 12-18 ft depth range. They can be readily caught by drifting nightcrawlers on a split shot rig. The best location is by the Military Academy or by the Elgin Club.

Good Luck and I hope to see you on the water. For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe
at 262-728-8063


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