Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Fish Lake Geneva, 8/24/23 – 9/4/23

Smallmouth bass are starting to come off their sporadic summer pattern and starting to position themselves on the break lines in 15-20 ft. of water. The best presentation I have found is Carolina Rigging, watermelon or root beer colored Arkie crawling grubs or split shotting live night crawlers. Most of the fish being caught are by Coleman’s Point or by Linn Pier. As the water cools the small mouth bass will move
shallower and concentrate on the main lake points, like Conference Point, Black Point and Rainbow Point. Largemouth bass fishing has been all right. Most of the bass are being caught in 12-13 ft. of water. The best bait is night crawlers fished on the split shot rig. A secondary pattern was the split shot rig with 5 inch zoom lizards, green pumpkins/chartreuse seemed to produce the most. Many of the fish being caught were on the Geneva Bay break line or by Coleman’s Point.
Walleye fishing has been slowing due to the cooler weather in the evenings. Some are still being caught at night in about 13 ft. of water. They are still associating with the weed flats. Crank baits or crawler harnesses remain the best approach. Look for
them in Fontana Beach or Trinkes. Remember wind is still the key to success. Panfish continue to be a constant bite. The key to catching them is a live night crawler fished on the split shot rig. The depth has been 10-13 ft. of water for the most action. I’ve caught good fish pretty much in every spot I’ve been fishing for bass.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water. For guide parties, please call Dave
Duwe at 262-728-8063.


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