Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Fish Delavan Lake, 6/13/22 – 6/20/22

Walleye fishing has been very good this week.  There are two patterns that are effective.

The first pattern is casting crankbaits down the weed lines.  The other is fishing lindy rigs or split shot rigs using leeches or nightcrawlers.  Most of the success is during the first hour of daylight or the first few hours after sunset.  Some of my best luck this week was off of the Yacht Club or Assembly Park. Some shore action has been occurring off the docks near the Yacht Club.  Keep in mind that you do need permission to fish there.  The best depth of water has been 16-18 ft.

Smallmouth bass are being caught amongst the walleyes.  The bass I caught last week were all over 16 inches.  Leeches seem to work the best.  The best location was by the Village Supper Club or in front of the yellow Frank Lloyd Wright house.  The best depth was 16-18 ft. of water.

Largemouth bass fishing has been really good.  Some of the bass are being caught on the deep weed lines fishing Texas rigged worms or lizards.  This seems to be producing most of the action.  The weed points seem to have the largest concentration of fish.  Look for the fish in areas such as the Island or by Assembly Park.   Dock fishermen are also having very good success.  I prefer using nightcrawlers around the docks.  The best locations are by the motor outwash areas.  The boat docks I prefer are the deeper 7-9 ft. docks.  The green slimy weeds are dying off which makes dock fishing a bit tougher.

Crappies action has been outstanding.  The only problem I’ve had was finding the larger fish.  Most of the fish I’ve been catching are in the 6-7 inch range, which are too small to keep.  I’ve been working the deeper weeds in 12-15 ft.  The fish are suspending anywhere between 2 and 10 ft. down.  One of the keys to locating the crappies is looking for active surface feeding fish.  I’ve been fishing almost the entire south shore with about equal success everywhere.

Bluegill fishing has been excellent also.  Some of the bluegills are in the 3-4 ft. range spawning; others are still out in the deep waters 22-26 ft. preparing to spawn.  To catch the deeper fish, a good locator is a necessity.  For the deep fish I’ve been straight lining beneath the boat leaf worms or red worms.  The shallow fish can be caught on bobbers and a small hook.


Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties please call Dave Duwe at 262-728-8063.

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