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Fish Delavan Lake, 5/31/21 – 6/7/21

Fishing has been improving by the day on Delavan.  The warmer stable weather has helped quite a bit.  The lake was no busier this holiday weekend than any other summer weekend.   I launched at 6:30 am on Memorial Day and there was no line to launch.

Northern Pike fishing has been improving.  The pike action still remains in the shallow bays in 8-10 ft. of water.  The best baits are large fire tiger Rapala’s or small perch colored crank baits.  Some of the people I’ve spoken with have had double digit days on fish, however they’ve been on the small side.  Look for the fish by Lake Lawn, and Viewcrest Bay.

Crappie fishing has been sporadic, some days they are biting well and the next day you’ll get skunked.  The best success has been in front of Lake Lawn or near Township Park.  The fish are suspended in 8-10 ft. of water.  Two presentations have been producing the most fish.  The first is a small 1/32 oz. Jig fished with a small Twister tail, white and yellow seem to be the best colors.  The second is slip bobber fishing for them with small minnows.

Largemouth bass are starting to make nests and begin spawning.  Sight fishermen are having the best success.  Look for them in 2-3 ft. of water, associating with hard sand.  The tricky part is trying to present a bait without getting the green slime on it.  I prefer fishing a Texas rigged tube bait, either chartreuse/pepper or white/pepper.  This makes it easier to see when sight fishing.  Live bait fishermen are still catching good numbers casting around the north shore docks and wherever the weeds will let them.

Bluegill  are also nearing their time to spawn.  The best depth is 3-4 ft. of water. Most of the fish are being taken on leaf worms fished on a small bobber.  Hellgrammites will also work if you can find them.  Bluegill fishing should remain good in the shallow water for another 10 days or so.   After they spawn they start to go into the deeper water.  Look for the bluegills by Willow Point or by Lake Lawn.

The best Walleye bite has been at night.  Most of the fish are coming out of 5 ft of water near the main lake points.  Such as, the Yacht Club, Willow Point and the Village Supper Club.  The best bait is either a thunder stick or the Rapala husky jerk.  I prefer the blue/chrome color bait.  The retrieve, I typically use, is a slow reel/pause.  The fish haven’t been that active so the harsh jerk is not necessary.  In the next couple of weeks, the walleye should start becoming more active and be easily picked up on the weed lines.  That is when the day angler will have the most success.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 262-728-8063

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