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Delavan Lake Fishing Reports 9/3/18 – 9/10/18

Fishing on Delavan remains very good even with all the occasional downpours. The best bite on the lake remains largemouth bass, bluegills and crappies. With Labor Day weekend coming to an end, the fishing pressure will continue to drop significantly.

Bluegills have not moved into the deep water all summer. The bigger fish remain in the 13-15 ft depth range. The best location has been off the main lake points and off the buoy line on the west end, the Highland side seems to be the best. Using a small split shot and a leaf worms has been producing most of the action.

Walleye fishing remains relatively spotty with the warm water temperatures. I believe the fish are deeper than I’ve been fishing. The few fish I’ve been catching have been in 15-17 ft of water just off the weed line. Lindy rigged leeches or nightcrawlers have been producing the best action.

Largemouth bass have been positioned right on the weed line in 15-17 ft of water. I’ve been catching most of the fish just adjacent to the main lake points on the inside of the turn. You can either catch them with a drop shot rigged finesse worm or a split shot rigged nightcrawler.

Nothern pike have been relatively slow. Most of the action is coming from the shallow weeds on a white spinner bait or a white chatter bait. The deep water lindy rigged sucker bite has been slower than years’ past. The best location has been by the gray condos or by Belvidere condos.

Yellow perch have been biting by Assembly Park. The best depth has been 6-8 ft of water. The best bait has been leaf worms or hellgrammites fished beneath a slip bobber.

Crappies remain very consistent off the buoy line on the west end. The fish are in the weeds in 12-13 ft of water. Purple or chartreuse plastics have been producing most of the success. For live bait fishermen, small fat head minnows fished beneath a slip bobber has also created consistent action.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water. For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 262-728-8063

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