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Delavan Lake Fishing Report, 6/3/19 – 6/11/19

Fishing is above average overall. 

Most of the fish remain in the shallow waters, under 10 ft for the most part.  The best bite on the lake is Bluegills and Largemouth bass.

Crappie fishing has been above average by Belvidere Park or by Brown Channel.  The best depth has been 7-10 ft of water on the weedline.  You want to use a 1/32 oz Arkie jig with a purple or chartreuse plastic.  Look for the fish east of Willow point or on the outside of Viewcrest Bay by the no wake buoys.

Northern pike action has been excellent due to the colder water temperatures.  Most of the fish can be caught in 7-10 ft of water.  Look for the fish in Browns Channel or in Viewcrest Bay.  You want to fish a slip bobber rigged medium sucker about 1 ft above the weeds.  I’ve been using 20 lb monofilament with the bobber set about 4 ft down in 8 ft of water.  Big bobbers have been allowing the bobber to lie flat on the water and when the bait become excited the bobber stands erect and lets you know the pike is close at hand.  I wait about 30 seconds before setting the hook after the bobber is submerged.

Largemouth bass remain in the shallows in 3-4 ft of water.  The best approach is fishing Texas rigged Yum Dingers in green pumpkin or watermelon seed.  Look for the fish in Viewcrest Bay or by the outlet on north shore drive.  I fished my Yum Dinger on fireline.  It seems to help with a positive hook set.  I rig the Yum Dinger with a 3/0 worm hook.  When the fish bites, I give them about 5 seconds before setting the hook.  This gives the fish enough time to eat the bait.

Bluegill fishing is best in the 6-7 ft water depth, which is basically the outside of the piers.  The best presentation has been either small leaf worms or hellgrammites.  I’ve been using Thill spring bobbers about 3 ft down in the 7 ft water depth.  The key is that you want to find the piers with sand bottoms.  The bluegills I’ve been catching have not yet spawned since the water is too cold.  I expect them to spawn in about one week and then they will move shallow making the bigger fish more accessible.

Walleye action has been a bit slow.  The best action has been in the 20-23 ft depth range on the outside of the weedline.  With the cold water temperature, large fat head minnows have been working the best.  You want to lindy rig them with a 3/8 oz walking sinker and a 24 inch Snell.  You want to slow back troll into the wind.  The best location has been by the Yacht Club or over by the old marina on the north shore.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050

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