Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Delavan Lake, 7/6/20 – 7/13/20


Fishing on Delavan Lake continues to be very good!

The only downfall has been the tremendous fishing pressure and boat traffic.  Some mornings when I launch at 5:00 am, I’m about the 50th boat on the lake.  With the excessive fishing pressure it is not hard to tell where the good spots on the lake are, just look for the boats.  To avoid some of the traffic,

Walleyes are biting on the weed lines anywhere from 15-19 ft of water.  I’m catching them either casting deep diving crank baits or on lindy rigs with painted hooks.  The best bait seems to be nightcrawlers or jumbo leeches.  My best success is either right away in the morning or at sunset.  Look for the fish by the Yacht Club or by the Del Mar subdivision.

Bluegills are being caught throughout the lake.  Work the 17-18 ft. weed lines.  Leaf worms and wax worms are taking most of the fish.  Some of the best action is coming in the early morning.  Look for the fish by the Yacht Club and by Del Mar subdivision.  You will have to do some sorting to catch a good limit.

Largemouth bass are biting very well.  There are two patterns that are working.  Dock fisherman are having good success.  I have been getting large fish on the deep weed lines in about 16-18 ft. of water.  I have been using a lindy rigged nightcrawler.  The leader length varies, however I usually use a 18-24 inch one.

Northern Pike fishing has just been plain easy.  Put a sucker down in 20 ft of water and it will get bit within 15-20 minutes.  Suckers are lindy rigged with a ¾ oz walking sinker, 20 lb test line and a 1/0 hook.  Location hasn’t been an issue, just stay on the outside of the weedline and you’ll catch fish.


Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050.

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