Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Delavan Lake 6/15/20 – 6/22/20


Although Delavan Lake is really seeing a lot of fishing pressure the bite continues to be pretty good.

The Covid-19 Has everyone coming to the lake to fish.  The most consistent bite has been for panfish.  Bluegills are both in the shallows, 3-4 ft and off the weed lines in 18-20 ft.  The best bait has been leaf worms or hellgrammites fished on a small hook or ice jig.  The average size is still relatively small.  You have to sort through a lot of 6-7 inch fish to get some keepers.

Crappies are suspended in the 12-15 ft range right on the weed line.  I caught most of my fish on either night crawler pieces or small plastics, purple or yellow are my favorites.  The best location has been by Browns Channel or by the Yacht Club.

Largemouth bass are biting very well.  There are two patterns that are working.  Dock fisherman are having good success.  I have been getting large fish on the deep weed lines in about 16-18 ft. of water.  I have been using a lindy rigged nightcrawler.  The leader length varies, however I usually use a 18-24 inch one.

Smallmouth bass continue to bite on the deep side of the break lines.  The best depth has been 18-20 ft of water.  I’ve either caught them lindy rigging night crawlers or by casting crank baits.  White seems to be the best color this year.  The best location is by Willow Point.

Walleye fishing has been hit or miss.  The most consistent method has been fishing leeches right along the weed line in 12-15 ft. of water.  I’ve been using small painted hooks and 1/8 oz walking sinkers.  The leader length that seems to be the best has been 18-24 inches.  The best location has been by Browns Channel or by the Island on the west end of the lake.

The Northern Pike fishing has slowed a bit with the weather.  You can still catch fish, however the large numbers aren’t as available.  With the temperature change, they are spreading out off the deep weed line to the shallow weeds and channels.  I’ve heard of good catches of large fish in View Crest and View Crest Bay.  Water was about 5-6 feet deep.  I have still been working the deep weed line with suckers.  The water I was working was 18-24 feet.  The numbers are slightly lower than previous weeks, but you can almost guarantee a few fish.


Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  Stay save with the Covid- 19.   For guide parties please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050.

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