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Fish Lake Geneva, 8/7/23 – 8/14/23

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Lake Trout fishing remains excellent. You want to position your bait 70-76 ft down in the main lake basin; anywhere between 108-110 ft of water. Nickel and blue and nickel and green are out producing everything else.

Lake Geneva Fishing Report, 9/2/19 – 9/9/19

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Walleye fishing has been excellent at night.  The best location has been in Williams Bay, Trinkes Bay or in Abbey Springs.  The best approach is trolling medium diving crank baits like Rapalas or Smithwick Rogues.  The best colors are chrome and blue or chrome and black.

Lake Geneva Fishing report 6/17/18 – 6/24/18

Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

The bluegill and pumpkin seed bite has been very good in 6-8 ft of water. The best location has been by Yerkes Observatory or in Trinkes Bay. Split shot rigged leaf worms or leaf worms fished on a slip bobber have been producing most of the action. You want to place the bait about 1 […]

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