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Lake Geneva Fishing Report 10/1/18-10/6/18

Fishing on Lake Geneva has been steadily improving. We had a slight glitch with the severe cold front last week, but as we move into more seasonal temps there are plenty of fish that feed in the fall.

The best bite on the lake has been the deep water bluegills. I’ve been catching large bluegills in 25-26 ft of water. The best location has been by Covenant Harbor or Elgin Club. The fish have been between 6 inches and 1 foot off bottom. Use a half of a nightcrawler or a leaf worm for the best success.

Walleye fishing remains steady at night. This is the time of year where you are able to catch a true trophy. The fish remain in the 12-13 foot depth range. Troll medium diving stick baits 2-3 feet above the weeds. Look for them by Abbey Springs or by Knollwood.

Smallmouth bass fishing has been good by the Yacht Club and by South Shore Club. Use lindy rigs with nightcrawlers is 21-25 ft of water. The bass are feeding on small yellow perch so when you find a school a perch the bass should be right behind them.

The rock bass I’ve been catching have been few and far between. I think the rock bass are on a down cycle as I haven’t caught nearly as many this year compared to years prior. The best location to catch them is by Gage Marine or South Shore Club in 13-14 ft of water. A split shot rigged nightcrawler works the best.

Largemouth bass are in a transition between the summer and fall bite. As the water cools the bass will move shallow. My best success last week was in 21-22 ft of water using a drop shot with 4 inch plastics or lindy rigged nightcrawlers. The best location is by Covenant Harbor or the weed line by Trinkes. If you’re not finding them in 20+ ft of water, look in the 12-14 ft depth range as that is where they are headed.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water. For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 262-728-8063

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