Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Lake Geneva, 9/25/23 – 10/1/23

With the rather stable weather, the fishing remains excellent. The best bite on the lake continues to be the deep water smallmouth bass. The smallmouth bass are in schools on the main lake points. The best depth is 21-31 ft of water.

They can be caught by lindy rigging nightcrawlers or drop shotting small plastic worms. The plastic worm doesn’t matter as much as the color. Green pumpkin seems to be the best. There are quite a few small fish being caught, however in a 4 hour trip, you should catch between 6 and 12 legal fish. My biggest fish last week was 19 ½ inches. I’ve been either anchoring or slowly backtrolling into the wind to keep on the active school. Perch are all over in the 10-12 ft depth range. The only problem that continues is the size. The average size is a consistent 5-6 inches. You need to move around and sort a lot of fish to catch a meals worth. The best spots are by Rainbow Point or by Knollwood. Use small leaf worms or minnows fished on slip bobbers.

Bluegills are still in the deep water. The best approach is straight lining small worms beneath the boat. Look for the fish by Maytag Point or in Geneva Bay. Most of the fish are coming out of 15-17 ft of water. Sunfish remain the bigger of the two between bluegills and sunfish. The average size sunfish I’ve been keeping are 8 ½ – 9 inches. Rock Bass are still readily being caught comingled with the smallmouth bass. Some of the rock bass I caught last week were 12 inches. They put up a good fight for the first 2 ft off bottom, then they come in like an old shoe. Look for the rock bass by the Military Academy or by Abbey Springs. Nightcrawlers are the best bait.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water. For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 262-

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