Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Fish Lake Geneva, 10/2/23 – 10/9/23

The smallmouth bass are in 20-25 ft of water. They can be lindy rigged with small yellow perch or nightcrawlers. Look for the fish by the South Shore Club or by the Fontana Beach. With a good fish locator, you will be able to see the suspended fish about 2-3 ft above bottom. With the cooler temperatures, as the fall progresses, the fish will be moving to the main lake points. Rock bass have been biting in the 12-15 ft depth range. They can be caught on small hair jigs. The best hair jig color is white with a pink head or orange with a brown body which imitates a crayfish.

Look for the fish by Linn Pier and by Maytag Point. If you aren’t getting fish in the shallows, slide out a little deeper and check for them there. Bluegill fishing has been alright. However, finding the bigger fish has been the trick. The best location was Geneva Bay or by Elgin Club. You can catch smaller bluegills in the 5-6 ft range, however, the bigger fish have been found in the 20-25 ft range. The best approach has been fishing leaf worms straight lined beneath the boat. Largemouth bass fishing has been very good. With the cooler water temperature, the fish have moved shallow and are around the boat docks. They can be caught flipping All Terrain flipping jigs with a crayfish trailer. Most of the piers I like to fish are on the north shore between Knollwood and the Narrows. Nightcrawlers fished on a split shot is still a good approach.

You want to drag them in about 10-12 ft of water. Look for the fish by Trinkes or by Belvidere Park. Northern Pike fishing has been improving with the colder water. They have again moved shallow. They can be caught on slip bobber rigged large golden shiners. You want to position the boat on the outside weed edge in about 17 ft of water and cast to the shallows. I’ve been positioning the bait about 1-2 ft above the weed tops. Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.

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