Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Lake Geneva 8/30/21 – 9/6/21


                        Northern pike fishing has been all right but nothing like it normally is this time of year.

The pike are in 30-38 ft of water.  They are being caught on lindy rigged medium suckers.  Look for the fish by Fontana Beach, the north shore in the Narrows or by Linn Pier.  You really have to fish for them this year, a good day on the water would be 10 fish in 6 hours, last year I was averaging 10 fish in 4 hours.  Keep moving to find the active fish.

With the cooler water, the perch are starting to move into the shallows.  The best location is by Knollwood or by Belvidere Park in Fontana.  They are in 10-12 ft of water and can be caught on leaf worms or small fat head minnows fished on a slip bobber.  The average size is kind of small so you need to sort through a lot of fish to get a limit.

Some smallmouth bass are being caught between 27 and 33 ft of water.  They are not as abundant as recent years so patience is a virtue.  I’ve caught some lindy rigging nightcrawlers or lindy rigging yellow perch that I’ve caught in the lake.  Remember, the smaller the weight, the better.  The wind will dictate my weight size.  As a rule, I will use a ¼ oz walking sinker, if there is no wind, you can get by with 1/8 oz.  Look for the fish by Fontana Beach or by Elgin Club by the big slide.

Some lake trout are being caught in the main lake basin.  They are being caught at first light in 115 ft of water, 70-90 ft down.  Nickle/Blue or Nickle/green spoons are always the best bait.

Largemouth bass are being caught on the weedline.  The best approach is Carolina rigging green pumpkin lizards or drop shotting Gulp finesse worms, also in green pumpkin.  Good locations are Trinkes or by Belvidere Park.  I like working a depth of 20-25 ft of water.  Some of the fish caught last week were the 3-4 lb fish that we like to see.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  Have a great Labor Day.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050

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