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Lake Geneva Fishing Report 7/8/19 – 7/15/19


Fishing on Lake Geneva is pretty good right now!

It’s tough to get out on Geneva since Delavan fishing is outstanding but plenty of fish can be caught on Geneva too and the boat launch is much more pleasant.

Smallmouth bass are suspending off of the weed flats.  They are in anywhere between 18 and 22 ft of water.   The best approach is drop shotting 4 inch worms in green pumpkin or Carolina rigging Arkie crawlin grubs.  Look for the fish by Elgin Club, Maytag point or over by Belvidere Park.  If you are a live bait fishermen the best approach is lindy rigging nightcrawlers.

Largemouth bass can be caught either on top water or on the deep weedline in 18-20 ft of water.  On the deep weedline you can catch the fish dragging All Terrain football jigs tipped with an Arkie Crawlin’ grub.  Root beer or green pumpkin colors are the best.  Or you can Carolina rig 6 inch green pumpkin lizards, I’ve been using Zoom.  You still can catch some fish while drop shotting 4 inch finesse worms however, I feel Carolina rigging and dragging jigs cover a lot more water.  The best location has been by Trinkes or by Geneva Bay.  Top water fishing is still good in the early morning in 8-10 ft of water.  You want to use Chug Bugs or Pop-R’s.  The best location is Williams Bay or by Linn Pier.

Bluegills have moved out into the 18-20 ft depth range.  My best spot is by Knollwood or by Elgin Club.  Use leaf worms on a split shot and single hook straight beneath the boat.  The fish are averaging 9 inches, so it’s actually been quite a bit better average than on Delavan.

Northern Pike are on the thermocline in 30-35 ft of water.  They can be caught lindy rigging suckers.  The best location is the hump in Williams Bay or the North shore in the narrows.  The fish are sporadic so you need to keep moving.

Lake trout are hitting in the main lake basin.  The can be caught using down riggers, 65-70 ft down with a bottom depth of 108-135 ft of water.  Nickel/Green and Nickel/Blue spoons have been producing most of the action.  The floating weeds are the biggest problem.  The best action has been just before the sun comes up.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050

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