Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Lake Geneva, 5/11/20-5/18/20

It’s a perfect time to fish!  

With the cool weather, the water temperatures are still hovering around 49-50 degrees.  Fishing has been still relatively slow, but there are some fish being caught.

Smallmouth bass fishing has been very sporadic.  The best way to catch the fish are when they are on the feeding mode chasing schools of bait fish.  The best locations have been by the Elgin club and by the Academy.  I like to use either a Kalin grub or small tube bait, smoke color or avocado color.  Some fish can also be caught on a split shot rig with a minnow.  My suggestion is to keep moving and find the active fish.  Look for the bass breaking the water and feeding on the surface.  If you find the active fish, you will catch them.

Largemouth bass fishing has been hit or miss.  Most of the fish are in the shallows, preparing to spawn.  People have noticed a few beds being made, however no fish are sitting on them yet.   Most of the success I am aware of has come in 4-5 feet of water near shore.  The people I have spoken with have caught most of their fish on a white spinner bait or a jig pitching the docks.

Bluegill and rock bass fishing has been a bit slow as well.  The majority of the fish are still suspending in deeper water.  With warmer water the fish should be moving shallow within the next few weeks.  Right now, you could look for some fish in Williams Bay or Geneva Bay in 7-8 feet of water.

Walleyes are being caught at night, trolling Rapalas in 12 feet of water.  The weed flats have had the must success.  Knollwood, Williams Bay, and Geneva Bay are all good bets.

We need some warm weather to get the fish to really start biting.  Good Luck and I hope to see you on the water, for guide parties call Dave Duwe at 262-728-8063.


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