Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Fish Delavan Lake, 7/11/22 – 7/18/22


Fishing has been very constant. By far the most success has been panfishing, limits are available and lots of them!

What do you want to catch?  Perch, Bluegills, or Crappies,  they are all biting and are rather easy to catch.

The bluegills are in the deep summer pattern.  I have been catching the fish in 15-18 feet of water.  The fish are very close to the bottom, within 12 inches of bottom.  Leaf worms seem to work the best.  I either straight line the bait underneath the anchored boat or I slip bobber fish them with a small hook and split shot.  I have been working the outside of the weed edge. The best locations have been west of Willow Point, Delmar subdivision beach area or the Township Park.  The perch fishing continues to be excellent.  The only bait to use is the long green hellgrammites.  You can get them at Delavan Bait and Tackle or Geneva Bait and Tackle in Williams Bay.  The fish are located in 13-15 feet of water.  I have almost exclusively been using slip bobber and single hooks and split shots.  The best spots I have fished are in front of the Township Park, the Island area on the west end or by the area west of Willow Point, known as the Boy Scout camp.

Crappie fishing has been too easy, almost to the point of being boring.  I have literally caught hundreds of them last week.  I have been working small plastics.  The best color is yellow, red or pink.  I like the small twister tails or tube jigs.  They are still right off the weed line.  I position the boat just out side the weed line and cast shallow.  Remember the key is a slow reel-pause-retrieve.  I have caught most of my fish by Browns Channel, the Island or by Willow Point.

The Northern Pike fishing has been good.  The fish are still located on the deep weed lines and can be readily caught.  I have only been using lindy rigged suckers.  The average size this year has been awesome.  I have caught legal fish almost every trip I go out and almost all have been released.  They are very easy to locate.  Find the weed line and electric motor troll,  they will hammer the suckers.

Walleyes have been slow. With stable weather this week, fishing should improve. With the other fish biting so well, I wouldn’t waste my time.  Large mouth fishing has been all right.  They have been in the shallows cruising around the piers.  Flipping the docks or split shot rigs with live night crawlers has been the best.  The depth I prefer is 3-5 feet of water. Look for piers with more of the scattered weeds,  they have not been in the really matted weeds.

Good Luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050

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