Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Wisconsin Fishing 5/28-6/3

6/3/18 Delavan Lake, sunny, 60 degrees, NW winds at 10 mph, water temp 70 degrees. We caught 15 largemouth bass, 12 bluegills and 2 smallmouth bass. Fished in 12-15 ft of water and the best location was the south shore by DelMar and by the Yacht Club. We caught all fish on split shot rigged nightcrawlers.

6/2/18 Lauderdale Lakes, cloudy, 55 degrees, NE winds at 10 mph, water temp 65 degrees. We caught 7 walleyes, 8 largemouth and 12 bluegills. Fished on Green Lake using split shot rigged leech and single hook around docks.

5/31/18 Delavan Lake, 88 degrees, SW winds at 5 mph, water temp 74 degrees. Fished the entire day – caught 40-50 largemouth bass, 10 smallmouth, 5 walleyes and about 40 bluegills. Fishing was on fire. We caught bass in every spot we tried. The best depth range was 8-10 ft of water fishing the sand pockets. All fish were caught on split shot rigged nightcrawlers.

5/28/18 Lake Geneva, sunny, 88 degrees, winds NE at 10-15 mph, water temp 65 degrees. We caught 3 smallmouth bass and 3 largemouth bass and a bunch of rock bass and bluegills. We fished around the lake, primarily near spawning flats with little success, moved to the main lake points and found some good action primarily by Conference and Black point.

David P Duwe

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