Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Wisconsin Fishing, 5/23-5/27

5/27/18 Delavan Lake, sunny, 90 degrees, light SW winds, water temp 68 degrees.  We caught 4 northern pike, 5 largemouth bass, 1 smallmouth bass and a handful of bluegills.  The purpose of the trip was Northern Pike, we caught a few in 8-10 ft of water in Viewcrest Bay and by Browns Channel.  We moved out on the deep weedline and caught small largemouth bass and a the bluegills.  Then northern pike were caught on slip bobbered medium shiners.  All other fish were caught on the weed edge in 12-15 ft of water on split shot rigged nightcrawlers.  The best spot was near the Village Supper Club.

5/26/18 Lauderdale Lakes, sunny, 85 degrees, SW winds at 5 mph, water temp 63 degrees.  We caught 15 walleyes, the largest being 18 inches and 4 largemouth bass all under 14 inches.  The best presentation was a split shot rig with a jumbo leech from Lakeside Bait and Tackle in Delavan.  We fished in Green Lake in 9-10 ft of water, near the Girl Scout Camp.

5/24/18 Delavan Lake, sunny, 80 degrees, SW winds at 5 mph, water temp 63 degrees.  We caught 6 largemouth and 5 smallmouth bass.  The smallmouth were spawning in 12 ft of water by Belvidere Park.  The largemouth were caught in 3-5 ft of water by Lake Lawn.  The best bait was split shot rigged nightcrawlers and fat head minnows.

5/23/18 Kids fishing day at Babe Mann Park.  We caught a bunch of small panfish and 2 largemouth bass.  We fished from shore.  Everyone caught a fish and everyone had a great time!

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