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Lake Geneva Fishing Report 7/22/19 – 7/29/19


            Fishing on Geneva remains very consistent.  There are fish to be caught every time out!

The best bite is the Northern Pike and Walleyes after dark.


Northern Pike fishing has been excellent.  Most of the fish are being caught in 30-32 ft of water.  The best location is in Fontana or the north shore in the narrows.  The best presentation is lindy rigged medium suckers right on bottom.  Most of the fish can be seen using your electronics.  I typically will not fish a spot unless I see active fish.

Lake Trout are being caught on the main lake basin.  They are in 108-120 ft of water, 70-80 ft down.  Nickel/blue and nickel/green spoons have been the best presentation.  I have been doing a big circle from Conference and Cedar Point.  The best bite still remains ½ hour before sun up and ½ hour before sun down.

Perch have been very aggressive.  They have been in the 10-12 ft depth range.  They can be caught on ½ nightcrawlers or fat head minnows.  The best location has been by Rainbow Point or Knollwood.  The biggest issue as always is the size, you need to sort through a lot of small fish to get to the keepers.

Rock Bass have moved deeper.  They are in the 14-18 ft depth range.  They can be caught on split shot rigged nightcrawlers.  The best location has been by Elgin Club or by Maytag Point.  With the water temperature being so warm, their meat is getting soft.  I wouldn’t recommend keeping them this time of year.

Walleye Pike fishing has been good at night if there is some wind.  Without wind Lake Geneva is a dead sea for Walleye.  The best location has been by Fontana Beach or Abbey Springs.  Work a depth of 16-18 ft of water with medium diving crank baits.  I prefer chrome/black Walleye Bandits.

Largemouth Bass can be caught in the shallows or on the deep weedline.  The shallow fish can be caught on split shot rigged nightcrawlers or on top water lures.  The best location has been Trinkes Bay or by Linn Pier.  I’ve been working a depth of 10-12 ft.  Some of the largemouth are starting to school on the hard rock bottom in 18-25 ft of water.  They can be caught Carolina rigging Arkie Crawlin’ grubs or drop shotting 4 inch finesse worms.  In either case, green pumpkin is the only color to tie on.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 608-883-2050

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