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Post Football Pike

Fish Wisconsin

After waiting a while, you finally get a bite.  The spindle is spinning like mad when you arrive at the tip up.  I will usually wait until the spinning stops before I lift the tip up “gently”.  I like to wait until the northern takes a second “run” before setting the hook lightly due to […]

Ice Fishing Wisconsin, Lake Delavan & Geneva


Post Football Pike As football season comes to a conclusion with the big game.  It’s time to turn your attention to ice fishing.  Being the father of a young son, the easiest kind of fishing for a 5 year old is tip up fishing.  Living and fishing in Southeastern Wisconsin, the most consistent tip up […]

Winter Perch Bonanza, Fish Delavan Lake


Destination: Delavan Lake Winter Perch Bonanza Delavan Lake is one of the finest ice fishing destinations in Southeastern, Wisconsin.   The lake is an hour from Milwaukee and one and a half hours from Chicago.  Delavan Lake is roughly 2200 acres with a maximum depth of 52 feet.  The lake has many different fishing opportunities, whether […]

Ice Fishing Wisconsin


When it is snowing and the wind is howling, it’s time for some ice fishing! Once lakes freeze over, fish have to make due with colder temperatures. Though it sounds like a horrible fate, remember that the piscean world generally stays within a 40 degree temperature range year-round. Unless they freeze-out, lakes don’t drop below […]

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