Fish Wisconsin

Wisconsin fishing 8/27/18-9/2/18

8/27/18 Lake Geneva, sunny, 80 degrees, water temp 76 degrees, winds out of the SW at 25 mph. Winds made most of the lake un-fishable so it was tough. We caught 1 smallmouth, 1 largemouth and a bunch of bluegills and pumpkin seeds. Several big fish did break our lines, but we have no idea what they were. The best depth was 18-20 ft of water. We used lindy rigs fished with nightcrawlers.

9/1/18 Delavan lake, cloudy & rainy, 78 degrees, winds SW at 15 mph, water temp 75 degrees. We caught 10 largemouth bass, 1 walleye and 15 bluegills. Fished the main lake points in 15-17 ft of water. The best approach was split shot rigged nightcrawlers.


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