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Wisconsin Fishing 7/16/18-7/23/18

7/20/18 Delavan Lake, Cloudy & rainy, 70 degrees, winds SW at 15 mph, water temp 79 degrees. We caught 1 walleye, 2 smallmouth bass and 25 largemouth bass. The bite was really strong in the rain. The fish were in 15 ft of water on the weed line. We fished 2 locations, Willow Point and the concrete point. All fish were caught on lindy rigged nightcrawlers.

7/19/18 Delavan Lake, sunny, 73 degrees, E wind at 5 mph, water temp 80 degrees. We caught 2 walleyes, 6 largemouth and 3 smallmouth bass. We had to move around to find active fish today. All fish were caught on lindy rigged nightcrawlers in 5-15 ft of water.

7/18/18 Delavan Lake, sunny, 80 degrees, light N winds, water temp 83 degrees. We caught 4 largemouth, 3 smallmouth and a bunch of bluegills. Today was one of the slowest fishing days I’ve had in weeks. The fish didn’t want to bite anywhere. All the fish caught were on nightcrawlers fished on a split shot rig.

7/17/18 p.m. Delavan Lake, sunny, 75 degrees, N wind at 15 mph, water temp 83 degrees. We caught 12 largemouth, 2 smallmouth and 1 walleye. The fish were caught on 15-17 ft of water just on the outside of the weed line. Lindy rigged nightcrawlers produced most of the action.


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