Wisconsin Fishing 6/4/18 – 6/9/19

6/7/18 Delavan Lake, sunny, 75-85 degrees, light winds out of the SW, water temp 75 degrees. All day trip with a catch of 60 largemouth, 18 smallmouth and 13 walleyes. Best depth was 15 ft of water. Found a very active school of fish by Willow Point and we moved only a few times in 8 hours. Split shot rigged nightcrawlers caught all of the fish.

6/6/18 Delavan Lake, partly cloudy, 70 degrees, E winds at 10 mph, water temp 74 degrees. All day trip with a catch of 40 largemouth, 12 smallmouth and 6 walleyes. The fish were caught in 15 ft of water on the weed line. The best approach was split shot rigged nightcrawlers.

6/5/18 Delavan Lake, sunny, 65 degrees, E winds at 12 mph, water temp 74 degrees. We caught 21 largemouth, 2 walleyes and 2 smallmouth bass. Fished a bunch of spots in 15-17 ft of water. Every spot held some fish. The fish weren’t in large schools so you had to move around a lot.

6/4/18 Lake Geneva, sunny, 85 degrees, W wind at 20 mph, water temp 65 degrees. All day trip. We caught 6 largemouth bass, 50 rock bass and about 30 bluegills. The best location was main lake points. We fished split shot rigged nightcrawlers. The best depth was about 15 ft of water.

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