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Wisconsin Fishing 6/10/18 – 6/17/18

6/17/18 Delavan Lake, sunny, 85 degrees & humid, winds 10 mph out of the southwest, water temp 73 degrees. We caught 5 smallmouth bass, 1 walleye and 30 largemouth bass. The fish were positioned in the weed lines in 15 feet of water. Fishing was better early, as the day progressed the bite slowed dramatically. Split shot rigged leeches and nightcrawlers were the best.

6/16/18 Lake Geneva, sunny, 85 degrees, water temp 70 degrees, SW winds at 16 mph. We caught 5 largemouth bass and about 30 pan fish. The best bite was in Trinkes Bay. We fished several other spots with limited success. We used nightcrawlers on the split shot rig.

6/15/18 DelavanLake, cloudy & rain, 65 degrees, SW wind at 5 mph, water temp 74 degrees. Had a weather abbreviated trip. We caught 3 walleyes and 6 largemouth bass. The bass were on the outside of the weed line in 15 ft of water. The best location was by Willow Point.

6/14/18 Lake Geneva, sunny, 80 degrees, 69 degree water temp, light winds out of the SW. We caught 7 largemouth and some pan fish. The best location was in Trinkes Bay. The best depth was 11-12 ft of water.

6/11/18 Delavan Lake, cloudy 62 degrees, SW winds at 5 mph, water temp 69 degrees. We caught 2 walleyes, 25 largemouth bass and 2 smallmouth bass. The fish were located in 12-15 ft of water on the weed line. Lindy rigged nightcrawlers and split shot rigged leeches fished in the weeds were the best performers.

David P Duwe

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