Dave Duwe Fishing Guide

Opening Day, Lake Geneva

The fishing season on Lake Geneva is about to begin.

Unfortunately, just because May 6 rd is almost here doesn’t mean that fishing season is in its prime on the big water. Being the largest and
deepest lake in the county does have its disadvantages, especially in early May. The water is still really cold and the fish are not very active. Most of the smallmouth bass are caught suspended, not associating with structure. They are actively chasing bait fish pods near their spawning flats. The best presentation is casting small hair jigs or throwing small jigs with twister tails. I like working the water
depths of 12-15 ft of water.

The best locations are by Knollwood, Elgin Club or over by Bigfoot beach. Most of the largemouth bass activity is related to shallow water, areas like Trinkes and Abbey Harbor are good choices. I like using Senkos in green pumpkin color or a plastic worm Texas rigged. I work in depths of 4-5 ft of water. With the unusually cold spring, fishing for bass will really be tough for awhile. Panfish should be biting in the 4-6 ft of water depth.

The yellow perch will be the most active and biting on small minnows or wax worms. I prefer using a slip bobber set up. The best location for the panfish are by Knollwood or by Rainbow Point.
Good Luck, I’ll see you on the water Opening Day!

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