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Fishing Season Is Closed…

The fishing season for me has come to a close! The shorter days and unpredictable weather make consistently getting an opportunity to get out on the lake a bit too difficult. Once there is safe ice, I’ll try to provide an update on the ice fishing. After that, I’ll be back in May 2024 with weekly updates once again. If you’d like to speak with me this winter, look for me at almost any boat show or sport show in SE Wisconsin. Currently, the walleye bite is very good. The fish are still very deep. They were in 20-32 ft of water. Jigging spoons has been the most productive method. Chrome and Red or Pearl are catching most of the fish. Look for the fish by the Old Village Supper Club or by Browns Channel. Crappies are again shallow. They are in the 10-12 ft depth range right on the weedline. They can be easily caught with small plastics. Purple and Chartreuse are the best colors. They are putting the feed bag on for the long winter. Look for the fish by Willow Point or by the Yacht Club.

The largemouth bass have been caught on fat head minnows fished on a very light lindy rig, 1/8 oz sinker and 24 inch snell tipped with the fat head minnow. The key location has been the deep water rock bars coming out of 20 ft of water going up to about 12-13 ft. These locations can be found near Assembly Park or the Oriental boat house. Bluegills are shallow. They can be readily caught in the 6-8 ft depth range. They are being caught on slip bobbers fished with ice jigs and a wax worm. Look for the fish by Willow point or by the Yacht Club. There is a secondary bite on the lake. They do suspend over the main lake basin approximately 10-15 ft down in 40 ft of water. If you see people fishing out in the middle of the lake, it’s a good bet that this is why. The suspended fish are usually the biggest. Northern Pike are starting to bite on the large suckers which are 10-12 inches. What a typically do, is position the boat in 20 ft of water and cast crankbaits into the weedline. I like using Bandit 400 series bass crankbaits in fire tiger. This will draw the fish towards your suckers that are positioned beneath the boat. There is no way a northern pike can resist a feisty sucker. Make sure that you have your suckers on a Abu Garcia 6500 with bait clicker. It make sucker fishing possible.

Good luck and I’ll see you on the ice or open water come fishing season in May 2024. For 2024
guide parties, please call Dave Duwe at 262-728-8063.

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