Fish Wisconsin

Fish Wisconsin Lakes, October

10/5/18 Delavan Lake, raining and 45 degrees, winds E at 10 mph, water temp 63 degrees. We caught 5 walleyes, 2 smallmouth bass and 8 largemouth bass. The largemouth bass were in 15-17 ft of water and the walleyes were in 22-24 ft. All the fish were caught on lindy rigged nightcrawlers, 30 inch leaders seemed to be the best.

10/3/18 Delavan Lake, sunny, 65 degrees, winds SW at 15 mph, water temp 64 degrees. We caught 1 walleye, 2 smallmouth bass and 7 largemouth bass. Fishing was slow today, the best depth was 15-17 ft of water. All fish were caught on nightcrawlers.

10/2/18 Lake Geneva, cloudy, 50 degrees, winds light out of the east, water temp 64 degrees. We caught 20-30 bluegills, 1 largemouth bass and a few rock bass. We fished anywhere from 12 ft – 25 ft of water. Most of the bluegills were caught by Covenant Harbor. We marked a lot of fish on the depth finder but they weren’t very interested in biting.

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